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Apt Title, Not What I Expected

The Facades - Eric Lundgren

While the book description gives the impression of a desperate husband braving all odds to find his wife, The Facades is really the story of Sven Norberg as he deals with his wife's disappearance. Told from Sven's perspective it is clear that he is deeply enamored with his talented wife. So much so that it may have blinded him to her possible unhappiness and made him detached from his son.


Overall the writing is enjoyable. The reader is truly able to feel how disjointed Sven has become without his wife. We are able to get a close up understanding of life in this crumbling city. Throughout the story we are introduced to a cast of quirky characters who we only experience a cursory relationship with because of Sven's disconnect. In the end, however, I found myself undecided on The Facades. As the story started drawing to a close I kept expecting it to come together and make sense, but felt like it never did. And maybe that's the point. Sometimes events and situations in life, are in fact, disjointed and trying to make sense of it all can be a fruitless endeavor.